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Guiding You Through The Divorce Process

Divorce is a major change for any family, but change is not necessarily a bad thing. Far too often, people tend to view divorce strictly in the terms of a family unit being broken apart. However, a new idea of family can take the place of the old one.

I understand the struggles that people go through when a marriage comes to an end as I have been through it myself. People going through this can be very vulnerable or at least feel that way. That is why my legal practice is dedicated to helping you through this process, enabling you to open a new chapter in your life while closing out the old one. To schedule an initial consultation at my law office in McKinney, call 972-529-5707.

Working Toward An Amicable Resolution

I choose to approach my legal practice in a way that differs from the traditional, adversarial approach to divorce cases. Whenever possible, I work with people to help them reach an amicable resolution to their divorce case. This is especially important anytime children are involved. We don't invent reasons to use your money.

Just because I believe in amicable resolutions does not mean that I will not tenaciously protect your interests. I understand what is at stake, and I will advocate strongly for your position at every turn. You can rely on me to provide you personalized legal representation where I take the time to listen to you and provide you with the legal information you need in a way that is understandable. Whether you are going through a contested or an uncontested divorce, I am here to help.

I believe in using the court only when it is needed and not inventing unnecessary reasons to go to court just to spend  your money.  I believe it is the attorney’s job to be a good steward of your money while balancing that with the level of advocacy you desire.  I am an excellent negotiator and that is the paramount talent a good family law attorney uses to try to prevent court appearances.  There are cases when the opposing side is wholly unreasonable and there is no other recourse besides going to Court but we (you and I) choose these times carefully.

 Over 23 Years of Practice

Contact A Lawyer With Experience In Texas Divorce Proceedings

No matter what legal problem you may be facing, I will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and your chances of success so that you can make the most informed decision about how you wish to proceed. 

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