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Help With Post-Divorce Modifications

The only guarantee in life is that it is subject to change. Texas law recognizes this and allows for certain post-divorce modifications after a divorce decree has been finalized. It is always important to seek help from a lawyer if you are wishing to modify the terms of your divorce agreement. Stopping child support payments or ignoring a custody and visitation schedule without receiving court approval can have serious consequences.

I understand that everyone's situation is different and sometimes a post-divorce modification may be in order. Things change over time, and your arrangements may need to change. We can handle any kind of situation. To learn more, schedule an initial consultation by calling my law office in McKinney at 972-529-5707.

A Substantial Change In Circumstances

The court will grant modifications to a child custody and/or child support agreement if one party has experienced a substantial change in circumstances. This may include the loss of a job, a significant change in income or the situation at the other parent's home has become toxic for the child, like when a parent is an active addict or engaged in criminal behavior that is a risk to the child.

When you come to me, I will thoroughly review your situation and let you know what options are available, as well as your probable chances of success. I represent both people who are seeking a modification (ones who want it) and those who wish to challenge a modification request.

Sometimes possession schedules no longer work, or a move of the other parent has caused you more expense.  If your child has stated he/she prefers to live with you then this can be a reason for a modification. 

 Over 23 Years of Practice

Contact A Lawyer With Experience In Texas Divorce Proceedings

Even if I did not handle your initial divorce, I can still help you with all matters related to modifications. Call 972-529-5707 for an initial consultation. You may also contact me online, and I will respond to your message promptly.

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